Doombringer from Battlelore 2E

I was very excited to start working on the Doombringer as soon as I saw the sculpt.  What isn’t to like?  Spiky legs!  Spiky back!  Big mandibles!  Lots of pointy teeth!  Uninspired color scheme!  Wait… what?  Yeah, I didn’t particularly like the stock color scheme, as pictured below:

Doombringer artwork

The primary color for the Uthuk army is red, and I just wasn’t seeing enough red there.  On top of that, boney plates on a beetle just didn’t ring true for me, so I decided to pursue my own color palette.

In addition, I decided to try my hand at more interesting bases.  I had considered trying to do distinct groundscapes for the different armies (desert for Uthuk, graveyard for the undead, and grasslands for the Daqan).  However, sand/beige is a secondary color for the Uthuk, which might overdo the yellow range.  I also wanted to keep the bases as unconfusing as possible.  If the Banshee’s base looks like a graveyard, then it might cause a player to think she is on a graveyard tile if they don’t look closely enough.  So, long story short, I chose to paint all factions with the same grassland look of the board.  This is the final look I went with for the base:

Grassland base approximating the look of the game board

So, without further ado, I present my take on the Doombringer:


And the final look on the board:

On the board!


Based in mix of Vallejo Game Color (VGC) Gorey Red (72.011) and Vallejo Model Color (VMC) Black Grey (70.862), gradually worked in VGC Bloody Red (72.010), VGC Hot Orange (72.009), and finally VGC Sun Yellow (72.006) for the lightest areas.

Thorax, Head, Legs, and Spines:

Based in VMC Hull Red (70.985), shaded with VMC Black Grey (70.862), and brightened with VMC Cavalry Brown (70.982).  Point highlights with VMC Basalt Grey (70.869).


Based with a mix of VMC Green Brown (70.879) and VMC Iraqui Sand (70.819), built up with more Iraqui Sand until highlighted with pure Iraqui Sand.